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Ramada Hotel

Fort Worth, Texas

February 2003

The Ramada Plaza is undergoing a major renovation. The hotel retains a position as anchor hotel in the southeast corner of downtown Fort Worth’s urban revitalization development. The Ramada Plaza Hotel’s monolithic dark beige brick work will be accented with painted banding between each floor that will blend with the brick, break the monolithic plane with rhythmic bands that establish a base at the bottom of the structure that flows with the Porte Coche and Ballroom space. The addition of a painted crown at the top of the building will provide a termination point, while giving the structure a new look in the city scape Arriving guests baggage will be whisked away by uniformed bellmen as they enter the new entry lobby through two automatic door vestibules. Once inside guests will enjoy the JAVAS hotel lounge coffee bar serving hotel guests and conventioneers. The new stone floor with center display table and seasonal floral display and pin point lighting will highlight the entry. New furniture will blend with the neutral colored beige, taupe, cream and maroon carpet as well as the dark beige brick. Wall sconces will accent the lobby adding to the romantic look of light and dark accent lighted spaces. The Registration Desk remains as is with the addition of a new granite counter top and back counter. The existing wood is to be refinished like new and a new feature wall and objects d’art are to be designed for the back area. The stone floor remains, replacing the orange accent stone with a neutral stone color. New carpet and furniture will be added to the existing Reception Lobby. Corridors leading off the Reception Lobby to the Specialty Restaurant , Administration Offices and new stairs leading to the second floor Ballroom will receive new carpet, rubber base and new vinyl wallcovering. The Elevator Lobby and secondary entrance will receive the same tile and wallcovering scheme that is designed for the south tower foyer. All elevator cabs will have new ADA devices inside the cab and outside the cab. A new carpeted floor will be added to each elevator cab along with neutral colored medallion accents. The Business Center will receive new carpet, wallcovering, 2x2 ceiling tiles and 2x4 fluorescent light troffers, two computer stations with printers and two fax stations along with a business assistance desk. The Business Center is open 24 hours a day thus adding another amenity for hotel guests. The pool deck will be resurfaced with the same stone ashlar pattern as is in the Porte Coche. A new sauna room and Jacuzzi will add other full service amenities. Potted plants and flowers with pin point lighting add a softening natural touch to the cavernous space. The newly renovated Ramada Plaza Hotel will stand as southern downtown Fort Worth’s premier full service hotel property.