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Hotel Highland Park

Dallas, Texas

December 2003

Highland Park Hotel /Residences, built in 1967 as the Dallas Hilton, nestled in the mature lush green of 5 park like acres at the intersection of North Central Expressway at Mockingbird Lane , with excellent accessibility and visibility. The approximate. 365,569s.f., 10 story Hotel offers approximate. 100 hotel rooms and 100 residences, 3 restaurants, theatre, private rooms, game room and bar terrace, gift shop and a spectacular view of the downtown skyline. The building occupies a unique niche in the expanding Dallas market across from the Southern Methodist University campus. The proposed George W. Bush Presidential Library, Mockingbird Station’s retail, lofts, movie theatre, offices and Dallas Area Rapid Transit system and Dart Station reidentify’s as one of Dallas ’s Landmarks.