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Space Station NASA

Low Earth Orbit

May 1982

NASA's Space Station is a inflatable system with interior wall panels containing built-in electrical,fluid and mechanical systems that radiate from modules in a central core. During launch , these panels will be stacked within outer membrane packages. The primary power equipment, control systems and supply provisions will be housed in a secondary support spine made of cylindrically shaped modules. This type of station would be completed in 10 phases of construction each requiring a shuttle trip to deliver the components. The 1st phase requires the placement of the main power core into earth orbit. This includes a complete power storage and distribution package as well as the facility's operation and guidance and control center. For phase 2, the hygiene and food service modules, the auxiliary storage tanks, the 1st stage solar array panels and electronic platform boom are added. At this point the facility will be operational and able to support two crew members. Phase 3 adds the dining and crew quarter modules. That are attached to the service modules. The completion of phase 3, after assembly and pressurization, will support 50 people. In phase 4 and 5, the medical and hygiene modules are added along with the 2nd stage of the electronic boom and more auxiliary storage tanks. The addition of another crew quarters and a hospital module completes phase 5. Phases 6 through 10 are general repetitions of the 1st five, doubling the size and capability of the facility. Three modules are included for industrial research along with a repair / laundry facility.